Available data for the article: "Canonical correlation and visual analytics for water resources analysis" (Published Version - Multimedia Tools and Application) (Pre-print version).

In this paper, we consider two temporal graphs:

1) The graph from the file "15nodes_year_after_year.dat", which is composed of edges depicting the canonical correlations between 15 reference stations chosen for analysis. There are 15 nodes and 37,235 edges in this graph.

2) A graph containing all 131 reference stations. This graph contains 131 nodes and 1,212,902 edges. The difference between files "131nodes_40years_groupedByMonth.dat" and "131nodes-40-years.dat" is the timestamp ordering. The first contains all Januaries, then all Februaries, and so on.

File format: 

node_origin     node_destiny     timestamp

You can download all three files here.